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Horseback Riding Lessons in Broward County

Hit the trails with Broward County’s leading horseback riding school. Call us at 754-368-3009

At 4x4 Stables LLC, we offer exciting, step-by-step horseback riding lessons in Broward County.

Take the First Steps into Horseback Riding

At 4x4 Stables LLC, our mission is to infuse our young riders with the fundamentals of horseback riding.

Through a proven, accessible, curriculum, we impart a solid understanding of the discipline and the essential technical skills that let them progress as far as they want to go. 

During our first lessons, our team will take our students through the process of mounting their horses and preparing them step-by-step for every element of riding. Gradually, they will learn how to get on the saddle, handle the reins, and put their feet in the stirrups.

Mastering posture and the horse’s movement are, of course, essential components.

After a couple of training sessions, new riders will better grasp the basics of balance and be able to walk, halt, trot, and canter with surprising ease. Call us today for enrolment information.

Mastering the fundamentals


Horseback Riding Lessons Broward
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The Benefits of Structured Riding Lessons

The coaches at 4x4 Stables LLC have developed a rigorous training program that lets our riders get the most out of every moment on the trails. 

Beyond excellent technique, regular riding lessons offer all kinds of physical benefits.

Riders of all levels will notice an improvement in their fitness, with enhanced agility, mobility, and conditioning. All of our programs place an emphasis on the emotional side of horseback riding.

Participants will develop a healing bond with their horses while also making friends with peers who share their passion.

And over the years, we’ve loved watching how our classes help students, especially children, build leadership and communication skills.

Call us today – we also offer therapeutic riding, family and friend rides, events, day camps, and more.

Improve your agility, mobility, and conditioning


Horseback Riding Lessons Miami-Dade

The Joys of the Trails Await

We believe that horseback riding holds the key to self-confidence, strength, and wellness.
Call 4x4 Stables LLC to learn more.

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